Keen to modernise and grow your advice business?

Work smarter, not harder – with this guide.

Financial advisers who want to optimise their client experience and overall business – this eGuide was written for you.

The guide covers:

  • Easy ways  you can modernise your client experience (hint: start with risk profiling!)
  • Steps you can take to build increased trust.
  • Strategies to ensure you’re giving each and every client equitable treatment along the way.
The insights and solutions covered in this guide offer some simple ways to amplify what you’re already doing and make it even better for you and your clients this year. Download your copy.

What's inside?

  • Discover the business perks of digital risk profiling – modern, digital tools not only streamline the risk profiling process but also provide invaluable insights that can significantly enhance your overall efficiency and client satisfaction

  • Uncover potential prejudices in your existing profiling process – ever wondered if your current risk profiling methods might carry unintentional biases? A more inclusive and unbiased approach can not only build stronger client relationships but also ensure your advisory services resonate with a diverse clientele

  • Understand the value of engaging clients effectively at the risk profiling stage – learn how to swap mundane RTQs (risk tolerance questionnaires) for meaningful advice moments that leave a lasting impression

  • Learn why re-profiling is pivotal to your advice business's success  – regularly revisiting and updating your clients' risk profile is important, as it decodes evolving client behaviours and reaffirms the suitability of your advice


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